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Accident Solicitors, Bury, Manchester

The Accident Solicitors team offer compensation advice throughtout the UK.


Our business is dealing with the legal profession and we've been providing a range of legal services for 10 or so years now. We're regulated by the Ministry of Justice and subscribe to the Information Commissioners Office code of ethics.  


We like to think you're in good hands.


By working with a network of solicitors we can advise on a range of matters that may fall outside the remit of individual firms. And that's the benefit of using ourselves; we'll provide independent legal advice on who to use.


If you think of insurance or mortgage brokers you wouldn't be far off the mark. We'll take the information relating to your accident claim and assess which firm of solicitors we believe can provide the quickest compensation payment.


At the same time not all law firms take on all the compensation claims that are put to them. Some firms like strictly "open & shut" cases whilst others take a more determined approach to making a successful claim....


You may already have been turned down for a claim that another firm of solicitors may happily have accepted. Shopping around is sometimes the key to pursuing a compensation claim but that's easier said than done as an individual. That's where we come in.


Additionally if, for whatever reason, you feel the accident claim is taking too long we'll speak to the solicitors on your behalf and jolly matters along. In that way you're not just an individual making a claim, you have our backing and influence when you need it most.  


We typically deal with all types of accident claims including;


 Accidents on Holiday.
 Accidents at Work.
 Accidents caused by defective products.
 Road Accident Claims (driver, passenger, on a bus, pedestrian, cyclist, whiplash).
 Slip and Trip in a public place.
 Sports Claims.


The above points are a summary of the support we provide. If the nature of your accident isn't covered above please let us know and we'll see how we can help.


If you would like to speak to a solicitor or discuss a potential accident compensation claim with one of our team of accident experts please feel free to contact us.


You can either call on 0845 603 0708 or email via answers@nationalsolicitors.com (please cut and paste into your browser). Alternatively please complete the form on the right and we'll call you back.


If you add in the best time to ring we'll work round you.




Jon Hilton


Legal Brokers Ltd

Accident Solicitors, Bury, Manchester

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Help at hand...

From our Bury offices we promote a network of solicitors who provide a National Service to those who've suffered an accident.


Road Accident, Medical Negligence, Public Liability, Slips & Trips, Accidents at Work and Abroad and Criminal Injuries.


Please call to discuss your claim.


Legal Brokers Ltd,
The Old Police Station,
1 Turton Rd,
BL8 4AW.

0845 603 0708