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South Shields Accident Solicitors

Have you have been injured in an accident and know it wasn't your fault. If so then our accident solicitors are here to discuss a potential compensation claim with you.


Our accident solicitors understand that as the injured party of an accident, you will be suffering physical pain, stress, and possibly emotional trauma.


As a business we are regulated by the Ministry of Justice and believe it is our role to make sure a solicitors firm that provides the specialist support you need, at your timeframe, is appointed to you.


All our accident solicitors are well equipped to handle cases nationwide, as well as cases in the South Shields area. Cases can be dealt with no matter how big or small they may be. Nothing is too big for our expert solicitors to handle.


So, have you suffered a personal injury or accident in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Liverpool? If so our service is available to you too.


A member of our National Solicitors team will assign an accident solicitor to you and help you in bringing a personal injury claim for compensation.


All our solicitors have achieved an excellent reputation by ensuring all clients they work with can obtain access to justice with a sound peace of mind. We have a commitment to all of our clients to maximise their compensation they receive in as quick turnaround.


Our accident solicitors can cover:


Accidents at Work

Defective Products

Road Accidents & Whiplash

Slips & Trips

Sports Claims


If you believe your personal injury, following an accident, wasn't caused by yourself, then please contact National Solicitors by either telephoning us on 0845 603 0708 or by emailing our team at answers@nationalsolicitors.com.







South Shield Accident Solicitors

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